Seasons in Budapest

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May 2018


Gini Garbick

In 2010, Gini was contacted by a group of writers who were starting an online artists community, and needed bodies of work. They’d asked if she’d consider gathering a few of her favorite compositions and posting them to the Bubble. She would, and did.

Hailed by both the literary and musical elite for her groundbreaking technique in sentence structure. Her ability to select and arrange words in such a way as to control the cadence into an actual beat within the reader experience, has done for written tempo what Eminem did for spoken.

Woven into this stunning tapestry, is the voice of a trusted friend…speaking to us from the deep end of every story. Through her lens rich in self-awareness, Gini braves the raw, and brings forth the pure. Consuming, captivating, and comforting…we surrender to the magic of the moment, and find the definitive transcendence of art.

“Excellent work, Gini. Intelligent writing and brilliantly structured. I’m honored and humbled to be in your room. Thank you.”

Todd Rundgren
“Addiction | The Utopia/Bread Mashup”

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