Casting aside the practical idea to pick a genre or a niche and instead aiming for high quality while building unique relationships between the author, reader, and retailers to get a piece of market share, G2 Publishing has been established to serve as an arbiter focused on literary community building, utilizing several integrated pieces…such as author blogs, author events, and community-based web resources such as Facebook and Twitter.

It’s the author, groupie, and hippie in Gini Garbick, building an online commune in some ways — a place where poets, essayists, and novelists can bring forth their ideas and have them encouraged, fostered, and navigated.

An old-school paperback novel reader at heart…Gini’s intention is to tie together all of the advanced digital and social media tools with traditional printing.

And offer a platform to those with a literary voice, and something to say.

…what say you?